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Inside The Fight To Change The Family Court System After Custody Dispute Tragedies

Kathy Sherlock is pushing for new legislation to change the family court system after the death of her daughter, Kayden. Judge Ramona Gonzalez, a longtime […]

Cracked Memphis Bridge Causing Major Traffic

A cracked beam was discovered in the I-40 bridge between Tennessee and Arkansas, causing an immediate shutdown of all traffic Tuesday. Barges have since resumed […]

Israel-Hamas Aerial Attacks Escalate Ahead Of Potential Ground Invasion

Israel has deployed thousands of troops to the Gaza border ahead of a possible ground invasion. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more […]

House Republicans Vote To Elevate Rep. Elise Stefanik

Rep. Elise Stefanik was selected by House Republicans as their third-ranking leader. Stefanik, a defender of former President Trump, replaces Rep. Liz Cheney, who was […]

What Does The New CDC Mask Guidance Mean For Families With Young Kids?

Now that older kids are eligible for vaccinations and the CDC issued new guidance on masks, many parents are wondering how to protect their young […]

States Reviewing Mask Mandates After CDC Guidance

States from New York to California, which implement their own rules and regulations, are now reviewing new CDC guidance that fully vaccinated people can go […]

12-Year-Old Heads To College With Goal To Change STEM

12-year-old Alena Analeigh is set to begin college with a passion for engineering and a mission to pave the way for others. She founded the […]

Parents Say Family Courts Too Often Ignore Allegations Of Violence In Custody Disputes

NBC News’ Kate Snow investigates how allegations of violence and abuse are handled when there’s a custody dispute over kids in family court. Kathy Sherlock […]

Colonial Pipeline Paid Nearly $5 Million Ransom To Hackers

The Colonial Pipeline is now fully operational after it was shut down by a cyberattack, but President Biden warned it will take some time before […]

Americans React To CDC’s New Mask Guidance For Fully Vaccinated

Some Americans greeted the CDC’s new announcement on masks with excitement, but the shift in guidance could cause anxiety and complicate rules for business owners. […]

Fauci Weighs In On CDC’s New Mask Guidance For Fully Vaccinated

Lester Holt interviews Dr. Anthony Fauci about the CDC’s new guidance on masks for the fully vaccinated. Fauci says he feels “very good” about the […]