12 Hollywood jobs you never knew existed

Every movie and TV show you love wouldn’t be what it is without the skilled craftspeople who bring it to life. And some work that happens behind the scenes is not what you’d expect. There are special effects artists who design fake teeth to look bad, which is how Austin Powers got his signature smile. Movement coach Polly Bennett helped performers like Rami Malek and Austin Butler imitate the movements of musicians Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley in “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Elvis.” There are prop makers who specialize in edible objects as well as silent bags and ice cubes to minimize any sound that could ruin a great take. Some of the most crucial and unexpected roles come after a movie is shot. For instance, many of the visual effects artists at Barnstorm VFX focused on creating digital extras to fill out the “Ted Lasso” stadium, while some of Disney’s most talented animators have spent over a decade perfecting and advancing animated hair in everything from “Moana” to “Encanto.”

Gary Archer:

Dominic Mombrun:

Polly Bennett:

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