Ava Max Reveals “Sweet But Psycho” Secret Meaning and Teaches Us to Dance! | Hollywire

Ava Max is in the Hollywire studio!! We play a fun game of Hollywords with Ava and find out her Starbucks order, a tall soy latte. Also, that she loves to dine out – she always wants to be around people and energy. And finally, she would go to Coachella over EDC. She teaches us a dance move for her music video!! We discuss her song “Sweet But Psycho” and what that song means to her. We also find out what her favorite emoji is! Ava is Albanian just like some other major pop-stars like, Dua Lipa and Rita Ora!
Originally from Wisconsin, Ava Max is an American singer-songwriter, best known for her hit single “Sweet but Psycho”. She originally was releasing music on Soundcloud but after running into record producer Cirkut at dinner one night and singing him “Happy Birthday” he found her deserving of his help in her career. Together they created a fan base and brought her into the light of more record labels. After what seemed to be a slow start there was a huge take off for Ava and now she can also be heard featuring on tracks with familiar artists including David Guetta.

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