Keep It 100 | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

If God started it, it’s guaranteed.

In “Keep It 100,” Pastor Steven Furtick reminds us what true faith looks like, and why it’s based on God’s grace, not our works.

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0:00 – West Coast, Get Ready
1:58 – Don’t Underestimate What God Can Do
4:42 – Romans Chapter 4
7:58 – Keep It 100
12:04 – Connecting Through Struggle
14:59 – I Hate Fake
17:04 – What Do You Mean It’s Fake?
19:35 – We All Need The Grace Of God
21:58 – Works Vs. Grace
23:52 – The Promise Comes By Faith
25:50 – God Keeps 100% Of His Promises
28:11 – The Basis Of True Faith Is Grace
30:50 – You Can Be What God Calls You To Be
33:16 – Trying To Manipulate The Promise
36:19 – Abraham Responded To God Like That?!
38:29 – You’re Building On The Wrong Foundation
41:31 – The Faith To Get Up After A Fall
44:07 – Stay In It
46:22 – Using “Keeping It Real” As An Excuse
49:06 – This Is Not A 5-Minute Faith
51:14 – What God Are You Believing In?
55:00 – Be Honest About Where You Are
56:24 – I Believe It; I Receive It

Scripture References:
Romans 4, verses 13-21
Genesis 17, verses 15-17

Keep It 100 | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

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