Mac Miller – Colors and Shapes

Faces by Mac Miller. October 15. Pre-order available now:

Director: Sam Mason
Production Co: Hornet
Head of Creative Development: Kristin Labriola
Executive Producer: Hana Shimizu
Producer: Hanna Smith-Ide
Associate Producer: Heather Hardin
Editor: Sam Stulin
Storyboard Artist: Camillo Clauser
Environment Designer: Chiara Benedetti
Character Design: Jeff Jank
Previs: Meg Oswalt
Rigging: George Smaragdis
Look Dev: Nicole Noel, Sam Mason
Modelling / Texturing: Nicole Noel, Douglas Silva, Ivan Joy,
Laney Lai, Emily Mai, Neil Jackson
Groom: Giovani Kososki
Senior Animator: Daniel Callaby, Clement Pierre, Jim Bierton
Animator: Meg Oswalt, Monica Stevenson

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