What is love? “Symphony”

Up-and-coming filmmaker Jai Moseley directs this pensive film on the shared experience of love and relationships. “The result is a kaleidoscopic film of unencumbered moments between people and places, and centered in feelings, memories, and experiences that are intrinsic to us all,” the New York based director reveals. Moseley takes hackneyed themes of love, loss, death and purpose and brings them back to a human level by allowing ordinary people to share their personal experiences.

The hotly tipped director spent eight weeks filming in Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood, or as he describes them, “neighbourhoods where during summer people celebrate life outside on the street.” He continues, “I wanted to ask people questions I didn’t have the answers to—the kinds of questions that follow us through our lives.”

Moseley treats the experiences of all ages with equal weight as he provides a platform for children, parents and an ageing midwife who has presided over 500 births to share their unfiltered thoughts on love and loss. The director comments, “Symphony comes from a longing for authentic connection, which I think is a feeling we all grapple with to a degree.”

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